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 New animal species
 found in Indonesia

 Veggie chemical
 repairs DNA damage


 Bhera - the town that
 time forgot
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 World Bank in
 South Asia
 Grant to Afghanistan

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South Asian Billionaires


4 - 5 billion

Sunil Mittal

Age: 48
Education: Bachelor's Degree, Punjab University
Industry: Technology
Net Worth: 4.9 b

Built and owns Bharti group- India's largest mobile phone operator


Kumar Birla

Age: 38
Bachelor's Degree, University of
                  MBA, London Business School
Industry: Diversified
Net Worth: 4.4 b
Building a 500-bed hospital near Pune, Maharashtra

Among the world's top 10 cement producers


Ananda Krishnan

Age: 67
Bachelor's Degree, Melbourne
                  MBA, Harvard University
Industry: Communications
Net Worth: 4.3 b

Owns Maxis Communications, Malaysia's largest cell-phone service provider


Shiv Nadar

Age: 60
Bachelor's degree,
PSG College of Technology
Industry: Technology
Net Worth: 4 b

Owns infotech group HCL, with operations in 15 countries.

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