DECEMBER  2001
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DECEMBER 2001 Contents


 Joseph Allen Stein
 A tribute by Ram Rahman

A Spiritual Activist
 Rozalia Radhika Priya


 Ghulam Ali

 Prem Joshua
 (Listen to the track
 'Lahore Connection')

 (Listen to the track
 'Moria Badnawa')


 Telecoms & Software
 - Trends in south Asia

 Value/Wealth Creators

 Narayana Murthy - Infosys

 Sam Pitroda - C-DOT

 Aziz Premji - Wipro

 Sunil Mittal - Bharti Mittal

 Ambanis - Reliance

 Safi Qureshi

 Hassan Ahmed - Sonus

 Atiq Raza - Raza Foundries



 'It was five past midnight
 in Bhopal' - Lapierre

Performing Arts

 Simplifying Ramayana
 - Bharatiya Kala Kendra


 Islam's middle-path


 Sakti - Mother Goddess


 Nandita Das


 Wharton India Economic
 Forum Conference

 Editor's Note


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The Road to Freedom

Enduring Spirit

Parsis-Zoroastrians of

The Moonlight Garden

Contemporary Art in Bangladesh



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Telecom & Software - Trends & Future in South Asia



Salman Saeed


Part II - Pakistan.


Safi Qureshi

safi.jpg (162629 bytes)

Born in Karachi in early 1950ís , B.Sc Physics , Karachi; B.S Electrical Engineering , University of Texas , Lives in Irvine, California with family.

Value /Wealth created in 1980 - $ 300 million.


Safi Qureshi came to the U.S. in 1971 for education in engineering and worked in the Information technology industries of California for companies such as Documenter, Computer Automation, and Telfile Computer.

In 1980 he co-founded a garage-based company making personal computers. As a computer industry veteran Safi played a lead role in not only ASTís growth in emerging markets but in changing the PC industry from a narrow corporate enterprise into a global business . Due to Safiís intense focus , vision [ that of evolving the digital age as a platform to develop tools that will further promote global & personal communication in all societies.], and passion for innovation  AST earned a reputation in the PC industry as one of the foremost brand names. It was recently acquired in the mid 1990ís by Samsung Electronics.

Safi Qureshi has also been instrumental in commercial development  around the world. He has traveled to countries such as China , Indonesia , Thailand, India , Pakistan with high level US trade delegations to sign several landmark agreements [ Intellectual Property Rights ].

He has participated in GATT, NAFTA, APEC issues, and is a strong proponent of education and reserach at University of California, Irvine [Bonney Center for Neurobiology of Learning & Memory]

Recently  he was instrumental [ as member of President Clintonís Export Council ] in ensuring that Clinton did go and talk to Pakistan military leaders in 2000. He is currently on the board of Directors of Focus Software International, Object Automation, NetInfo, IAFC.

His brainchild is the ALIF [ the first letter of the Hebrew, Arabic and Urdu alphabet] which is a televised series in the Urdu language of the Sesame Street series for Pakistan Television broadcast to the children in Pakistan. The programme has been broadcast from mid 1999 to 2000.

In his most recent project,  Safi Qureshi is helping Pakistan with Information Technology efforts in  becoming a major exporter of Software . He took with him in  March 2001  two fellow  members  Kanwal Rekhi [ who sold his company Excelan to Novell ] and Dr. Kailash Joshi -- of the The Indus Entrepreneurs Group from San Jose ,California to meet the President of Pakistan and also the dynamic Minister for Science & Technology - Dr Ata-ur-Rehman. Later they also visited and had an interactive session at the Institute of Business Administration at Karachi.



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