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Isidore Domnick Mendis

sairam-2.jpg (36348 bytes)
Different ragas for different ailments - T.V. Sairam


Sairam who himself plays several Indian musical instruments, is a man of many parts. He has a masterís degrees in botany, economics and social science apart from several diplomas in French, Public Administration, International Economic Relations, International Marketing.

He was awarded the French government scholarship a degree in public administration from the Poitiers in Paris and a UGC fellowship to do a study on medicinal plants. He also worked as a consultant for the United Nations Development Programme in Tanzania.

Author of several books, he is best known for Home Remedies [Volumes 1- 1V] published by Penguin. It is an exhaustive lexicon on the healing power of herbs. Sairamís biography has been selected for the Outstanding Intellectuals of the 20th Century by Cambridge Universityís International Biographical Society.

His interest in music therapy however comes form his formal training in the Carnatic system of music under the tutelage of Vidwan Sri S.V. Ramani.

" Children must be exposed to music. There is tremendous pressure on them to excel in myriad competitions. Music can be a great de-stressing agent," says Sairam whose daughter is a senior advertising executive in New York and son a third year chemical engineering student in Chennai

Patients, adolescents, and the elderly, all age groups show great improvement in their responses when Ďtherapeutizedí with music. It is a win-win situation," says the multi-talented civil-servant.

While medically the healing power of music may still demand fine tuning, just tune into the music after a hard dayís work and see how it breathes a new life into tired body and stressed minds.



Sairamís 10-Point Music Therapy


  • Listen with your heart and not just your mind.

  • Enjoy music. Donít analyze it.

  • Listen to good music for about 15 minutes four times a day.

  • Make driving, eating, bathing or cooking more enjoyable with music.

  • Never listen to music on an empty stomach.

  • Actual singing or playing a raga is preferable to passive listening.

  • Learn to play a musical instrument.

  • Get children into the habit of listening to music.

  • Always have gentle, soothing music playing around a sick person.

  • Have a good music library at home.








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