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100 Years of Aviation in India


Gp Capt Devinder C Mehta, Advisor (MR), AAI


The Wright brothers, in December 1903, moved man into a new dimension, by getting airborne for the first time in the history of mankind - in a heavier-than-air flight. Mere seven years later the airplanes of the time started flying in Indian skies. In early December 1910, a team of aviators and mechanics from Belgium and England, led by Capt. WG Windham, visited India and brought with them several airplanes to showcase flying and exploit any business opportunities that might arise out of the demonstrations. The Humber Company asked the team to proceed to Allahabad immediately after their arrival in Bombay on a merchant ship. They were here to demonstrate the aircraft at the Industrial and Agriculture Exhibition due to be held in Allahabad, where they arrived on December 5 and assembled the plane in five days at a polo ground right next to the Exhibition Grounds. "Mr. Davies had the machine ready and early in the morning of December 10, 1910 circled the polo ground at a height of twenty five or thirty feet". The news paper further added, "Thus Allahabad has had the distinction of giving the lead not only in India but also to the whole of the Asian Continent in connection with the then latest of scientific wonders."

Aviation in India historically, turned ‘100’ on December 10, 2010 - an important ‘Historical Milestone’. Airports Authority of India, under the leadership and guidance of its Chairman V P Agrawal, commemorated this historical moment by dedicating a special series of Calendar & Greeting Cards for 2011 to Indian Aviation. The cards & calendar trace the history of aviation in India through artists’ impressions of vintage aircrafts & the state-of-the-art airports developed by AAI. In keeping with AAI’s ‘Green’ philosophy, the calendars are made of recycled waste paper collected from the offices of AAI.


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