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Sadhus at Kumbh 2001


The Arrival

Arriving on foot, on horse-back, on water. L-R: Sadhu(s) from - the Naga cult; Panch Darsharam Akhara; Juna Akhara; and Mirzapur.

naga_sadhu_-toi_gautam_singh.jpg (19874 bytes)  kumbh-panch_darsharam_akhara_procession_PTI_Nand_kumar.jpg (31525 bytes)  sadhu_from_juna_akhara_-toi_gautam_singh.jpg (19481 bytes)  sadhus_from_mirzapur_arriving_TOI_gautam_Singh.jpg (22157 bytes)
Photos L-R: TOI/Gautam Singh; PTI/Nand Kumar; TOI/Gautam Singh; TOI/Gautam Singh


The Agony & the Ecstasy

     sadhu_at_lost__found_-PTI_PS_Sengupta.jpg (38592 bytes)   sadhu_puffing_ganja_AP_Photo-PTI.jpg (30556 bytes)
L-R: A sadhu at the 'Lost & Found'; a moment of ecstasy
Photos L-R: PTI/P.S.Sengupta; AP Photo/PTI

Two Sadhus

    sadhus_penance_-toi_gautam_singh.jpg (20381 bytes)  Sadhubaba_Badrikagiri_jan_13_PTI_-PS_Sengupta.jpg (37448 bytes)
L-R: A sadhu in penance; Sadhubaba Badrikagiri in a lighter moment
Photos L-R: TOI/Gautam Singh; PTI/P.S. Sengupta

Waiting for the Moment

kumbh-witing_on_the_banks_reuters_Pawel_Kopczynski.jpg (33531 bytes)
Reuters Photo - Pawel Kopczynski

The spiritual lead

    naga_sadhus_14_jan_dip_TOI_Gautam_Singh.jpg (34123 bytes)  naga_sadhus_jan_14_dip_AP.jpg (59770 bytes)
Naga Sadhus lead the millions for a dip into the holy waters on January 14 - the first of the three important bath-days.
Photos L-R: TOI/Gautam Singh; AP Photo




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