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The Best of Kumbh in Pictures

Kumbh 2001 at Allahabad is perhaps the most intensely and widely photographed event in the world - for it is open to all - irrespective of nationality, race or religion. We have attempted to put together the most interesting pictures that have appeared on the net - pictures that also capture the true spirit of Kumbh and the people who assemble there. All pictures are credited to the photographers who captured the moment or the Agencies that provided the opportunity to immortalise the spirit.


'Pilgrim's Progress'

kumbh-sadhu_with_mobile_phone-AFP.jpg (29182 bytes)  kumbh-yogini_and_ganja_PTI.jpg (25375 bytes)  kumbh-sadhu_with_video_camera_AFP.jpg (29463 bytes)
L-R: a savvy sadhu (AFP photo); a sadhavi 'high' on Kumbh (PTI photo); Y2K sadhu (AFP photo)

Devotees - young and old

child_devotee_HT_Kamal_Kishore.jpg (47837 bytes)  old_devotee_i4_jan_dip_-_TOI_Gautam_Singh.jpg (31324 bytes)
L-R: Child devotee HT photo/Kamal Kishore; The young & old TOI photo/Gautam Singh

The joy of arrival

devotees_from_US_HT_Kamal_Kishore.jpg (14559 bytes)  datt_bharati_german_devotee_-finalAP.jpg (22455 bytes)   kumbh-krishna_devotees_from_vrindavan_TOI_Gautam_singh.jpg (33671 bytes)  member_Iskcon_at_kumbh_AP.jpg (17824 bytes)
L-R: Devotees from the U.S., Germany, Vrindavan, and the Krishna Consciousness
Photos L-R: HT/Kamal Kishore; AP Photo; TOI/Gautam Singh; AP Photo




devotees_with_offerings_HT_Kamal_Kishore.jpg (29169 bytes)  devotees-toi_gautam_singh.jpg (18837 bytes)  icy_dip_kumbh_jan_9_AP_Saurabh_Das.jpg (26149 bytes)
L-R: Offerings; Prayers; and the dip
Photos L-R: HT/Kamal Kishore; TOI/Gautam Singh; TOI photo

kumbh_puja_after_the_dip_-_toi_gautam_singh.jpg (22516 bytes)  ritual_-devotee_replacing_sacred_thread_-TOI_gautam_Singh.jpg (35658 bytes)  rituals_-kumbh_jan_16_TOI.jpg (45204 bytes)
L-R: Puja; Changing of sacred thread; Puja after the dip
Photos L-R: TOI/Gautam Singh; TOI/Gautam Singh; TOI photo


'Aastha' - Faith

kumbh_-_arriving_in_cold_TOI_Gautam_Singh.jpg (29417 bytes)  kumbh_bath_jan_9_-_PTI.jpg (58561 bytes)
Arriving on a cold wintry night; a dip in icy waters the following morning
Photos L-R: TOI/Gautam Singh; PTI Photo

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