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Sri Lanka’s Exciting Destinations

By Gregory Smith

Lunuganga - Geoffrey Bawa's Dream Garden

Despite the challenges of the past decades, Sri Lanka remains an inviting island with rich diversity. It has lush plantations, serene garden and ecological retreats, a rainforest with amazing species, a wildlife sanctuary with the highest concentrations of leopards, one of the finest botanical gardens in the world, adventure sports, enticing beaches, dolphin and whale watching, luxurious spas, enchanting boutique hotels, and a unique mix of history and cultures. Nowhere else in the world would you wade your way to an island retreat, or walk over a hanging footbridge to reach an ecological retreat – but Sri Lanka. SALT presents the very best of Sri Lanka’s Hotspots.

- Lunuganga

- Ulpotha


- Galapita

- Alakanda Beach

- Toprabane Island

- Casa Colombo


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