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Editor's Note


It is a matter of privilege and pride to have Rajmata Gayatri Devi of Jaipur grace the cover of this issue. An icon of grace and dignity - she celebrates a milestone birthday in May this year. One of the most popular leaders of her time, she was elected thrice to the Lok Sabha – once with a record-making, unsurpassed and as yet unmatched electoral victory – anywhere in the world. The historical relevance of her fifteen year long political career is not limited to a world record. One of the most popular leaders of India’s only right-secular-liberal political party – the Swatantra Party –the Rajmata opted out of politics and did not contest the 1977 elections. Had she done so, her re-election would have made her a great national leader – and it could have saved the Swatantra party from the decline it suffered. Ever-modest, she denies that this could have happened.

Summer is almost here – and the lure of mountains, especially with serious golf thrown in, is hard to ignore. We have covered some of the most spectacular courses amidst the highest mountains of the world – the Himalaya. The handicap is irrelevant here – what matters is playing the game in breathtaking and rugged terrain.

A cruise along the mighty Brahmaputra is also a holiday option – with the added bonus of visiting Kaziranga National Park, and some of the quaint historical river towns in Assam.

We bring you in this issue – two stark realities of our times. The world’s first climate change refugees are already a reality in the Sunderbans where thousands of people have lost their homes and livelihood to the rising sea-levels. Islands have drowned – ships sail past where once homes used to stand. The victims are the people who have a minimal carbon footprint and have no means to cope with the effects of climate change.

The second story is a social and economic reality. Wayne Wisser, an expert in Corporate Social responsibility, writes on how the remarkable traits of the elephant can be applied to a new style of leadership that is the need of the day – not a lion-like predatory management but a wise elephant-like leadership.

This is also our 2nd Anniversary issue – and we hope to share many more with you!

All the best,

Roopa Bakshi






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