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Mike Pandey – Warrior of the Wild

"Man is a small part of the intricate web of living beings – just a small strand. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself" – Mike Pandey

The South Asian Life & Times brings to its readers Mike Pandey’s concerns, as conveyed through his thought-provoking films, on four members of our seriously endangered wildlife – whale sharks, elephants, horseshoe crabs and vultures.

Delhi-based wildlife filmmaker and conservationist Mike Pandey is a three time winner of the Panda award, known popularly as the Green Oscar, for his films ‘The Last migration – wild elephant capture at Sarguja’ (1994); ‘Shores of Silence – Whale Sharks in India’ (2000); and ‘Vanishing Giants’ (2004). More recently he has documented vultures and horseshoe crab. His films speak eloquently on our endangered wildlife. He has won over 200 awards – nationally and internationally.

In all his documentaries he has been driven by his need to share and pass on his experiences and knowledge to his viewers. And similar sentiment comes forth in Mike’s TV series Earth Matters - India’s most popular and only environment series reaching over 800 million people in India and 250 countries worldwide. Earth Matters 2008 is a new series of 26 episodes on climate change, Wetlands, Sarus Cranes, Bats, Mangroves and Sundarbans, Coral reefs, Wildlife of Kutchh, Leopards, Elephants, the forests in India, the fisheries industry, and many other relevant issues.

Born in Kenya, Pandey studied filmmaking and cinematography in England. After working with BBC for some time, he decided to return to India, the country of his origin. That was three decades ago. So taken in was he by the natural beauty of the country that he decided to settle here and make documentaries on wildlife. He soon became intimate with the wild and as his passion grew so did the scope of his projects. One of his acclaimed films 'Natural History of the Cheetah' won the Duke of Edinburgh Award.


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