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Senaka Senanayake

By Harsha Bhatkal

Senaka’s art is anchored in Buddhist thought and is a celebration of his country’s flora and fauna.


Senaka Senanayake of Sri Lanka is one of the most sought after artists in the east and among the best selling artists in the region. Considered a child prodigy, he held his first solo exhibition at the age of eight. While thousands thronged to see his work, young Senaka stayed at home, paining his first oil. His work reflected maturity – not childhood. There was nothing childlike about his paintings. His subjects, forms and depiction – all were light years beyond his age.

Then came two very successful shows in the US – one in New York and the other in San Diego – and he was only nine! At the age of eleven, while the world was celebrating the work of this child prodigy and comparing his work to the music genius of Mozart, Senaka was dreaming of making it to Sri Lanka’s cricket team! He remained unspoiled by fame and success. At fourteen his work had adorned the walls of the White House. And since – his paintings hang in the UN Building in New York, museums, private collections and corporate headquarters of multinationals around the world. He has held over a hundred one-man exhibitions worldwide.


Read the complete article and his nterview in the South Asian Life & Times (SALT) April - June 2008 issue

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