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Shovana Narayan

- Kathak Maestro & a Bureaucrat

She is a senior bureaucrat entrusted with the success of the Commonwealth Games 2010, to be held in Delhi. She is also a busy performing artist – one of India’s best Kathak dancers, and she holds a Master’s degree in Physics – that’s Shovana Narayan.

Shovana Narayan, one of India’s top exponents of Kathak, is also the Joint Director-General of the Commonwealth Games 2010. "When I am in office I do not think of dance and when I dance I don't think of anything else," remarks Shovana on her time-management skills of managing two very diverse careers. The bureaucrat-dancer adds that it is all about giving your one hundred percent to what you want to do in life. "Dance, to me, was something so special and divine that I couldn’t imagine living without it. I was a well-known face by the time I became a professional dancer which was in 1971. In 1976 when I joined the civil service, dance was still very central to my life. For me both were very important."


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