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 Mt. Everest - beginning of 50th
 year celebrations

 Sherpas - the Real Men who
 bring glory to others

 Everest Facts

 K2 - an account of a winter



 Super Achievers & Success
 Marshal of the Air Force
 Arjan Singh

 Shovana Narayan, Sidhartha
 Basu & Anjolie Ela Menon

 KPS Gill & Dr. Trehan


 Indra Varma - Polymers


 Sahir Raza - capturing Gujarat



 Jeev Milkha Singh

 Baba Saheb - the grand old
 man of kite-flying


 Raja Bundela's 'Pratha'


 The reincarnated Rickshaw


 'Ananda' spa in Garhwal


 Indu Gupta's new dimension
 to Tanjore paintings


 'Knock at Every Alien Door'
 - Serialization of an
 unpublished novel by
 Joseph Harris - Chapter 6



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Super Achievers

- Still in the Fast Lane



Isidore Domnick Mendis


'Super Cop'  Kanwar Pal Singh Gill 


Gill.jpg (64544 bytes)
" Success to me is to be able to do the assigned task to my own satisfaction. Only if I am satisfied will anyone else be satisfied with my job."

Recently appointed security advisor to the beleaguered chief minister of Gujarat,  the Super Cop of India KPS Gill's main concern today is to curb the two-month long communal violence in the state of Gujarat. Feared by criminals, and also known as 'one-man army', Mr. Gill curbed and rooted out militancy from Punjab.

Mr. Gill began his career as a Police Officer in Assam and rose to become the Director General of Punjab Police. Though he has retired from the Police, his experience and skills are still sought after by Governments and institutions alike. The Government of Sri Lanka also sought his advice on anti-terrorism issues.

The 'Tough Man' of the Indian Police is also the President of Indian Hockey Federation. He runs the Institute for Conflict Management, publishes the Faultlines journal, and has also  written a book, "The Knights of Falsehood" on the abuse of religious institutions by the terrorists in Punjab.

His definition of success
"Success to me is to be able to do the assigned task to my own satisfaction. Only if I am satisfied will anyone else be satisfied with my job. In my entire service I have always looked beyond the immediate momentómay be ten years ahead. Thatís how I perceive success," says the Padamshree-decorated retired Director General of Punjab Police.

Destressing technique
Supercop K.P.S.Gill says he destresses by exercising everyday for an hour and a half. "I read a lot. Presently I am re-reading P.G.Woodehouse."

In an interview with Ashish Alhuwalia, Shirene Bhimwal and Shweta Jain of NetGuru, KPS Gill had the following to say on:

Attitude towards life 

"I have a very positive attitude towards life. I love to have a good time and work hard. I have loved my life and have always given everything that I have done my very best. I have no regrets and would relive my life the same way."

Advice to the younger generation 

"No advice at all !!! Infact I would tell themÖNOT to listen to their elders !!!! Live your own life, make your own decisions and learn your own way. I think the younger generation are really moving fast and will make it big..especially the women. I think women will definitely take over the world. So just follow your own path and go your own way and do not be afraid of making mistakes as you will only learn through them !"



Dr. Naresh Trehan 

Dr_Trehan.jpg (54057 bytes)
 " You do your work well and you feel happy. To me that is success." 

One of the countryís best known heart surgeons, Dr. Naresh Trehan, has been mending broken hearts. As Executive Director of the Delhi-based Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre he has performed over 35,000 successful surgeries.

Success, says Dr. Trehan, is all in oneís head. "You do your work well and you feel happy. To me that is success. I feel quite gratified in my life."

The secret behind a rewarding medical career, he says, dwells on four things---taking care of patients, sound medical knowledge, ability to think fast and enormous physical stamina, says Dr. Trehan. But, he adds, " There are people who have all these three things but donít succeed because they get distracted with other peopleís success and failure. You have to be sharply focused on your profession to succeed."" Success is a mixture of so many things. You canít say ĎIíll do this and become successful.í You have to keep persisting, keep trying and never give up."

His idol
Dr. Trehanís idol is his father an ENT specialist

Destressing routine
Dr. Trehanís best stress buster is regular exercises. " I do yoga and take short breaks to the hills every three months."





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