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 Mt. Everest - beginning of 50th
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 Sherpas - the Real Men who
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 Everest Facts

 K2 - an account of a winter



 Super Achievers & Success
 Marshal of the Air Force
 Arjan Singh

 Shovana Narayan, Sidhartha
 Basu & Anjolie Ela Menon

 KPS Gill & Dr. Trehan


 Indra Varma - Polymers


 Sahir Raza - capturing Gujarat



 Jeev Milkha Singh

 Baba Saheb - the grand old
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 Raja Bundela's 'Pratha'


 The reincarnated Rickshaw


 'Ananda' spa in Garhwal


 Indu Gupta's new dimension
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 'Knock at Every Alien Door'
 - Serialization of an
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Everest Facts


  • First surveyed in 1852 during the Great Trigonometric Survey of India 

  • First known as Peak XV - later named Everest

  • First scaled in May 1953 - by Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary

  • More than 1500 people have climbed the mountain - almost 800 in the last 5 years

  • More than one-third of the summiteers are Sherpas

  • 71 women have climbed the Everest

  • First woman to scale the peak was Japanese - in May 1975

  • First south Asian woman to reach the top was Bachendri Pal from India - in May 1984

  • First south Asian woman to scale Everest twice - Santosh Yadav from India - in May 1992 and May 1993

  • 15 year old Nepalese student Temba Tsheri is the youngest to reach Everest - in 2001

  • 'Everest View Hotel' at 12,779' is the world's only hotel at this altitude. 

  • Sherpa Ang Rita has climbed the Everest 10 times without oxygen and he is also the only person in the world to have climbed the Everest without oxygen in winter. 

  •  Sherpa Appa holds the record of 12 Everest ascents.

  • Sherpa Babu Chhiri - the Nepalese mountaineer and 10 times Everest summiteer set two Everest records - one for scaling Mount Everest in the fastest recorded time (17 hours), and the other for spending 21 hours at the summit – the longest stay atop the peak without oxygen. Babu died in April 2001 when he fell into a snow crevasse.

  • Only three women have climbed the Everest from both sides. Two  are from Nepal - Lakpa and Pemba Doma

  • Erik Weihenmayer is the first visually challenged mountain climber to reach the summit of Everest

  • A 63 year old Japanese woman is the oldest woman to reach the top - May 2002

  • According to Ken Noguchi, there are at least 100 tonnes of litter on the higher slopes of Everest, making it the "world's highest garbage site".


Recent Safety Factors

In Mallory's day climbers wore tweeds, layers of heavy wool, and . nail-studded leather boots worn with layers of socks. The world’s first synthetic material – Nylon – changed the gear of the climbers. Modern fabrics are warmer and more resistant to water than wool. Tents and other climbing equipment are lightweight. Sophisticated gadgets, such as the GPS – Global Positioning System – give your exact position.








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