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Delhi’s Finest ‘World Dining’


Sakura, Metropolitan Nikko Hotel

Cuisine - India's first upscale Japanese restaurant.

Ambience - Unpretentious and minimalist, the only décor elements used are Tatami mat blinds, light wood furniture and stone floors.

Dining area – One general dining area and three private dining rooms.

Chef - Nariyoshi Nakamura - gets fresh fish flown in from Japan.

Speciality – Kaiseki cuisine - the formal seven to nine course royal Japanese cuisine.

Kaiseki cuisine is the most formal style of Japanese food, usually eaten in high class restaurants on special occasions. Using the freshest ingredients of the season and cooked in ways that enhance their original taste, each dish is simply seasoned and delicately presented in exquisite dishes.


Chef’s recommendations - sliced raw fish Sashimi Goru-Mori, the Ginmitsu Saiyaki, the Sushi Platter and the Tukune-Terini.

For vegetarians - Veg Tempura, Veg Sushi and Cucumber Rolls.

Sashimi platter 25 assorted pieces (Rs. 2700) or the Pacific Rim Platter: sashimi, sushi, tempura, yakitori, miso soup (Rs. 2800)

Sake – 1650 (300 ml)

Wines – French, Italian, Californian, Australian and Chilean

Whites from 1900 – 3800

Reds from 1800 - 4000





Orient Express

The Spice Route




















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