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 Cultural Suicide
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 Maldive Islands - in 1884


 'Rudraksha' - a review
 Artiste: Poumi

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 November   8 - Nov 14
 November 15 - Nov 21


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 Parsis-Zoroastrians of

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- Sacred Incantations, Mantras & Chants from India & TIbet

Artist - Poumi

Rudraksha.jpg (159923 bytes)

A new addition to the not-so-new genre of World Music is 'Rudraksha' - a recently released CD of sacred chants from India and Tibet. The artiste is Poumi - she is French, and has travelled, lived and choreographed in diverse cultures - understanding and absorbing their philosophy as she went along. 'Rudraksha' is her offering of love to the Hindu and the Tibetan cultures. The lyrics are  one-line mantras or short chants, the music is soothing and refreshing, the diction of some of the words is,  at times, difficult to follow - but that does not take away from the spirit of the album - that of building cultural bridges. I particularly enjoyed the Tibetan chants - which only proves  that language is not a barrier to music. (I don't understand or speak Tibetan). And that is the essence of this CD - music with spirit and beyond barriers. Language is not an issue here.

Total time: 75.20 minutes

Brought out by: Aquarius Int'l Music AIM


Track 1 Om Namah Shivaya

Track 2 Sat Narayan

Track 3 Om Guru Brahma

Track 4 Balayogi Vandana

Track 5 Guru Ram Das

Track 6 Omamen

Track 7 Rabouni

Track 8 Born out of a Lotus

Track 9 Dedication


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