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Ten worst things we do to ourselves

Millions die each year due to poor lifestyle and behavioural choices, such as tobacco, alcohol and illicit drug abuse, as well as poor diet and unprotected sex with infected partners. In other words, the majority of deaths stem from doing stupid things to ourselves. Moderation is the key to good health. Occasional smoking and drinking does not kill but two packs of cigarette a day might.

The ten most stupid things we do to our bodies include:

1. Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death. It can cause cancer, mainly of the lungs, and also leads to cardiovascular disease. Smoking poses major health risks.

2. Poor nutrition - Deaths due to poor nutrition and lack of exercise are on the rise as they result in obesity.

3. Lack of physical activity Few people take time off for regular leisure-time physical activity. Exercise improves cardio-vascular activity, gives more energy and helps sleeping disorders. The combination of lack of exercise and poor nutrition kills thousands of people each year and the numbers are rapidly increasing.

4. Alcohol abuse can cause liver cirrhosis or cancer of the liver and is also the leading cause of fatal accidents.

5. Infections - Thousands die each year from some type of preventable infectious illness (not including HIV). Simple infection-control measures, like immunization and hand-washing, prevent other infections.

6. Exposure to toxins in the environment or in the food we eat and drink - include exposure to dyes, mineral dust, and air pollutants that contribute to problems such as allergies and asthma. Some innocuous products of everyday use, like some makes of paraffin and perfumed candles, contain carcinogens.

7. Unprotected sex with infected partner Thousands die from preventable sexual diseases each year and millions more are infected with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The two leading STDs are HIV and hepatitis.

8. Illicit drug use - Millions of people the world over have serious drug problems, and thousands die annually from illicit drug use. Drugs are harmful, potentially fatal, and addictive. Drugs increase chances of automobile accident and contracting HIV and other STDs.

9. Tanning, and in some instances skin lighteners, are associated with melanoma or skin cancer.

10. Over-use of paan and betel-nuts can cause ulcers and cancer of the mouth.





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