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7 Contemporary artists from Nepal

The Jasutara Art Foundation for Children, Kathmandu, Nepal, and Asia Pacific Communication Associates (APCA), India jointly held an exhibition of the works of seven contemporary artists from Nepal at the India Habitat Centre, Delhi in December 2005. The Jasutara Foundation works for the marginalised and under-privileged children of Nepal. The artists featured in the exhibition were Asha Dangol, Bhairaj Maharjan, Binod Pradhan, Erina Tamrakar, Pradip Bajracharya, Pramila Bajracharya, and Sunila Bajracharya. Despite the social and political tensions ravaging this Himalayan kingdom, there are individuals who have kept and furthered the tradition of art in Nepal. The-south-asian introduces the work of these artists.


Asha Dangol – Born 1973

Asha Dangol draws his inspiration from folk art. The Newari culture and kinship is symbolised in his paintings. He uses bold strokes and dark colours. Extending the theme of folk art, his paintings are rich in religious symbolism. Misery, mystery and abstract forms are depicted in varied hues. His recent work focuses on Mithila – the art and the people of the Terai region of Nepal. His collection exhibited at Delhi was called 'Folk Fusion' - all acrylic on canvas.

Paintings by Asha Dangol


Bhairaj Maharjan – Born 1972

Bhairaj’s work focuses on the mystique of womanhood. The female form is captured in its private and perhaps most vulnerable moments. Collection 'Personal Moments.' (Acrylic on canvas).

Paintings by Bhairaj Maharjan


Binod Pradhan – Born 1973

Binod’s paintings emerged from his intense quest of spirituality. His paintings are unique for their anthropomorphic nature. He moved from landscapes to faces around him. Collection - 'Inner Faces'. (Acrylic on canvas).

Paintings by Binod Pradhan


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