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 Spring 2014


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India Art Fair 2014

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 Magic of Sorcars

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 Threatened Tribes

 Tribal Victories 2013

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Ravindra Salve
Happiness - the key ingredient of his paintings

Ravindra Salve’s work can only be described as deft, joyous, and colour-saturated.

Salve’s work has unrestrained dimensions of spontaneity and vivacity in capturing the colours, motifs and the silhouettes of characters. The decorative style, vibrant colours, powerfully composed figures, miniature style and their very Indian soul make his paintings an instant source of delight - a traditional Indian style presented in a very contemporary manner. Salve has great skills of balancing and controlling various shades of contrasting colours.

He is an intelligent and an honest painter. Intelligent, because he has the formula of using the correct medley of colours in his paintings. Honest, because he does not pretend to be a painter who paints for himself and not for money.

His art is a lesson on multiple levels - how ecstasy is conceived in creating a master painting; how a calculative formula can be skilfully brought into the aesthetics of art and making it contemporary; how an intervention of each form can sneak in to give way to beautiful yet prolific works of art.

Salve’s imagination has energised the genre of fantasy art with great passion and at the same time with extreme ease. The key ingredient of his paintings is happiness. His paintings can be called ‘mythology based’ or ‘invented mythology’. Salve has adopted an altogether new style by fitting in additional objects and bringing attributes to his paintings, such as kindness and benevolence, elegance and nobility, refinement and purity, justice and dharma, grace and majesty, strength and fertility, and knowledge and power.


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