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Contemporary Art in Bangladesh





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Tech Toys for 2003




Fossil's Wrist PDA - Wear it like a watch!

   PDA watch.jpg (8510 bytes)

Watchmaker Fossil will soon launch, in 2003, a Palm OS-based PDA for the wrist. 

The stylus hidden in the watchband, can be used for entering text. 

It will have a cradle for recharging and synchronizing. 

 2 megabytes memory will allow the user to keep track of daily schedule and a sizable address book, among other things.




 Handspring Treo 270 Communicator

 Treo 270.jpg (29733 bytes)


The Treo communicator is one of the smallest Palm OS handhelds available. Its features include:

  •  full color screen ,a convenient backlit keyboard for nighttime use.
  •  a dual-band GSM world phone, that has speed dial, three way calling ,call history, built-in PhoneBook, a personal speakerphone and headset for hands-free operations, a backlit keyboard for evening calling - and more importantly - call anywhere in the world - from anywhere in the world
  • Treo Mail™ service (sold separately), which integrates personal or corporate email account  enabling the user to:
    - read, write  and send email from virtually anywhere. 
    - send an SMS (short messaging service) text message to other mobile phone users around the world or even to an email address.
  • Mobile web access enables the user to  access the web from just about everywhere—in color.  Every Treo 270 communicator comes with Blazer™—an award-winning wireless web browser—so you can surf virtually any web site, not just those sites optimized for mobile access.
  • To Do List, Memo Pad
  • ease of installing other color-enabled Palm OS applications, including games, photo viewers, document editors and much more.
  • 16 MB memory
  • Get directions
  • confirm reservations 
  • check the weather

$499 (w/ service activation)

$449 after T-Mobile rebate




Play better golf with  - StarCaddy

  Starcaddy-palm2.jpg (54284 bytes) 


StarCaddy is a GPS-enabled software that can run on a PDA (the compatible models are listed below). It comes with an extensive database of golf course maps, which are available online. It can do all the amazing things stated below:


Show you your position on any green, fairway, or the entire course

calculate the distance from where you are to all the fairway features – including exact distance to the green, doglegs, sand traps, and water hazards

gives a close-up view of the green as you approach it

gives straight-line yardage to the green.

keeps score

StarCaddy is compatible with Pocket PC or Windows CE 2.11 (and higher) and Palm OS 3.5 (and higher) devices, including:

Casio Cassiopeia E-125, E-200, EM-500

Compaq iPaq 36xx, 37xx, 38xx and 39xx series

Hewlett Packard Jornada 548, 525, 565

NEC MobilePro P300

Toshiba E570

URThere @migo 600C

Palm m-Series

Palm VIIx

Palm Vx

Palm IIIx

Palm i705

Sony CLIE S320/S360

Sony CLIE T415, T615C, N610C, N760C, NR70/NR70V

Handspring Visor Edge, Neo, Platinum, Prism, Pro

StarCaddy can also be purchased as a complete package with HP/Compaq iPaq and GPS Receiver.

The price for just the software is $ 49.95








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