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Siblings - the Achievers, not the Inheritors



The Varadarajan brothers – Siddharth & Tunku

Both are prolific and fearless - yet different. Siddharth's writings are serious and aimed at real issues. Tunku's well read columns have seldom spared the U.S. media - be it Ashley Banfield, Christian Amanpour or any other unsuspecting individual. Both turned to journalism after a successful academic carrer.


Siddhartha.jpg (6454 bytes)

Deputy chief of the national bureau of the Times of India

Studied economics at the London School of Economics and Columbia University

Taught Economics at New York University

Joined The Times of India as an editorial writer in 1995.

One of India's leading journalists and commentators – a fearless voice.

He has reported and written on political, economic and international issues

Edited ‘Gujarat: The Making of a Tragedy’ – published in September 2002



tunku.jpg (7069 bytes)

Born 1962, in Delhi

Grew up in New Delhi and Lucknow

Educated at:

Mayo College in Rajasthan

London University's Dulwich College

Trinity College, Oxford

Lives in New York with his wife (a freelance writer) and children

Is editorial Features Editor of The Wall Street Journal

Varadarajan was the WSJ's media critic

5 years with The Times (London, England)

Taught Law for 6 years at Trinity College, Oxford

What has been said about Tunku

"mischievous" and "deliberately provocative"

Acknowledgement: All information and pictures were obtained from various sources on the web by the author.  




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