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 Photo Essay

 - Mehrangarh

 - The Walled City

 - Jodhpur Royals

 - Music Festival

 - Unusual Places to

 Bishnois - the True


 Cover Story
 Muslim Liberals
 - Ustad Amjad Ali

 - Aamir Khan

 - Saiyid Hamid

 - Anu Malik


 Doon School at 75

 - Interview with
   Dr. McLaughlin

 - Inspiring Legacies

 - Tribute to Nandu by
   Late RL Holdsworth

 - Old Boys 

 Mangalore &




 The Last Queen of


 Visa to Heaven
 & Hell


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Editor’s Note

It was fun working on three major features this issue and conversing with some of the most talented and gifted people in the country – a rare opportunity to share their worldview, and also some moments from their past and present. For our cover story on Muslim Liberals we are grateful to Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Aamir Khan, Anu Malik, and Saiyid Hamid – all extremely busy people - for their time.

Jodhpur is gradually emerging as the new cultural destination in Rajasthan. First and foremost, unlike other favoured tourist destinations, it is not a demographic mess; it has an outstanding fort and an old walled-city full of architectural gems; it exudes old-world hospitality; and hosts one of the finest folk music festivals in the world. An hour or so out of Jodhpur, amidst its vast scrubland, is Bishnoi territory, where gazelles, peacocks, and goats wander from one tiny hamlet to another and do so fearlessly – the Bishnois believe and practise co-existence. They are also called world’s first environmentalists.

Dehradun, in the foothills of Himalaya, will be the hot spot this October. It is readying for its biggest party ever – Doon School’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Dr. Peter McLaughlin, the new principal of the school, shares his thoughts and plans for the school, with our readers. Nalni Jayal, who joined the school soon after it was inaugurated, writes about this outstanding institution’s legacies and legends.

Cheers to all our readers,

Roopa Bakshi







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