FEBRUARY  2002




FEBRUARY 2002 Contents


 Ageing - breaking mind barriers!

 'My Secret of Longevity' 
 BC Sanyal
 HD Shourie
 Khushwant Singh
 Raunaq Singh
 MS Oberoi

 Ageing & Performing Artists


 New Age Women Writers

 Performing Arts

 The Kuchipudi Reddy Family


 South Asians in News 2001 
 International Recognition and
 National Awards

Magsaysay Awards

Newsmakers & breakers in

Golf, Tennis, Hockey, Squash


 Know Your Leaders
 Arun Jaitley
 Amar Singh
 Abhishek Singhvi
 Omar Abdullah
 Sitaram Yechuri



 Mango - the King of Fruits


 Abdul Sattar Edhi


 Sunita Sharma - India's First  
 Lady Guru of Cricket


 'Knock at Every Alien Door'
 - Serialization of an
 unpublished novel by
 Joseph Harris - Chapter 2


 Vasundhara Das - the bride of
 'Monsoon Wedding' 

 Fashion & Jewellery

 Poonam Soni- new look to gold


 Editor's Note



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Silk Road on Wheels

The Road to Freedom

Enduring Spirit

Parsis-Zoroastrians of

The Moonlight Garden

Contemporary Art in Bangladesh




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Editor's Note 


2001, which began with the earthquake in Gujarat and ended with the terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament, was not exactly the most memorable year of our lives. We lost the cultural twin towers in Afghanistan - the two Buddhas, tall and standing high as a reminder of Afghanistan's rich secular past; we lost the Royal family of Nepal; we lost the financial twin towers in New York. Amidst all these losses and political posturing, the South Asian youngsters - under 19s - were hard at work - on cricket grounds, hockey fields and squash courts - victorious and dedicated, apolitical and focused. The Scottish Junior Squash Open  in December 2001 turned into a South Asian event - winners in all age categories were south Asians - three from Pakistan and one from India. The Indian Hockey Juniors won the Junior World Cup and presently the under 19s from south Asian countries are in New Zealand - playing cricket  - far removed from the small-minded politics back home. If these youngsters are the South Asian future - then future is certainly hopeful and positive.

Our accolades and cheers for the South Asian Under 19s!


Roopa Bakshi





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