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 Peace in South Asia
 - Is it attainable?
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 Swami Agnivesh &
 Rev Valson Thampu

 Ardeshir Cowasjee

 Lt. Gen Arjun Ray 

 Raju Narisetti

 Waheguru Pal Singh 



 Ustad Amjad Ali Khan
 - 50 years of sarod


 Secular symbols of
 Sri Lanka

 2002 Round-up

 Books 2002

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 Raju Nasiretti

 Mahreen Khan

Real Issues

 Corruption vs. NGOs


 Letter from Pakistan


 'India in Slow Motion'
 - by Mark Tully

 Serialisation of  'Knock at every alien 
 door' - Joseph Harris



 South Asian Events in
 London &  Washington DC

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Peace in South Asia - is it attainable?

the-south-asian asks Ardeshir Cowasjee


Ardeshir Cowasjee

"Education is the answer, education, more education and  profound education."



A Brief Introduction

Ardeshir Cowasjee is a writer and a critic - but more importantly, a fearless writer of great integrity. He lives in Karachi, Pakistan and writes for national and international newspapers and journals His brutally honest and uncompromising writings on all issues - political or social - make him the most valued voice of south Asian journalism. 
He writes a column for  Pakistan's leading daily Dawn.


What, in your view, should be a step towards peace in Asia?

Tolerance, always bearing in mind the old adage 'do as you would be done by'

Can the secular traditions of south Asia be saved?

There are no secular traditions in S Asia. But they can and should be   developed. Education is the answer, education, more education and  profound education.

Which of the two is a stronger force - secularism or fundamentalism?

Fundamentalism, of course. The majority of the population is ignorant

Can fundamentalism really threaten the survival of multi-ethnic societies of south Asia?


Your comments on leadership (or the absence of it) in south Asian countries

Every leader starts thinking far sooner than can be imagined that he is 'the saviour' by divine appointment and is certain that 'after me, the deluge'. No leader feels himself to be indispensable

Should religion be confined to an individual's home and not be taken outside its confines?

Religion is strictly between a man and his God

Is it wise, in this day and age, to have faith-based institutions and political parties?

No, to faith-based institutions






















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