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Avinash Kalla

Anjolie-Ela-1.jpg (41226 bytes)
Menon with a Ganesha in Murano glass "I like to move on and expand my horizons."

It is not precision but emotions, passions and spirituality that mark the art of Anjolie Ela Menon. This time she is not in the news for her canvasses. Once again she has managed to surprise art circles by doing something out of the ordinary - creating glass sculptures and painting on them. Anjolie Ela Menon’s new collection of Murano glass sculptures of Lingams, Ganeshas and Balagopals has received rave reviews in London, San Francisco, Mumbai and Delhi.

In true karmayogi style she works ceaselessly without caring for results. Age sits lightly on her as India’s greatest living woman painter goes about her work with precision and energy. Her stunning collection titled The Sacred Prism III is on Murano glass from Italy. The idea of working on this concept struck the artist when an art lover asked her to sketch on glasswork. " I told her that I’d do sketches only if I make these glass sculptures myself," says Anjolie.

This was the beginning of Anjolie’s journey into another form of art. She went to Murano, a small town near Venice, and started working with the craftsmen who are more commonly known as the Maestri of Murano and are considered the present-day custodians of the renowned Italian glass art. Here she collaborated with Antonio Da Ros, looked upon as the most important artist of Murano glass.

Anjolie-Ela-2.jpg (7785 bytes)Anjolie’s collection, comprising glass sculptures depicting lingams,Anjolie-Ela-3.jpg (21153 bytes) Ganeshas, Balagopals, Baby Jesus, Lord Buddha and Madonna & child, has been mostly created in collaboration with Antonio Da Ros, the master himself. "Initially he did not understand the meaning of Lingam and why it is revered by Hindus. But he was quick to grasp the significance of Lord Ganesha and Balagopal," says Anjolie.

The technique applied was fairly straightforward. Anjolie would do fibreglass models of the Ganeshas and Lingams, then take them down to the furnace where, in her own words, " Burly glassblowers stripped to their vests to withstand the terrible heat would juggle the molten glass with consummate ease…they followed my fibreglass models with great accuracy."

What emerged from these two and a half years of intense labour of love have been 80 works of art mostly symbolizing traditional forms of Indian Iconography. Writes Anjolie about the process, " The flowing glass lava is sensuously beautiful, the jewel-like hues so gorgeous that it is very hard to exercise restraint, to limit each piece to the pre-chosen colours, not to go recklessly overboard."

If it was an experience working with Antonio Da Ros, the master himself says it was extremely stimulating working with Anjolie. Says he, " I shall always cherish the creative process I shared with Anjolie. She possesses, apart from her tremendous talent, a humility and purity of intent that I could relate with. I am deeply thankful for this project which allowed me to explore further the spirituality in arts and the art in prayers."

Expectedly, the results of the collaboration have been stunning. The exhibition has been taken around to London, San Francisco, the National Art Gallery of Mumbai and the Italian Cultural Centre, Delhi. It has received rave reviews wherever it has been put up.


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