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Delhi - the resilient city


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Delhi - the resilient city


AD 1400 - AD 1500

1414 the last of Tughlaqs overthrown by Sayyids, who ruled from 1414 to 1451.

1451 Delhi Sultanate entrusted to Bahlul Lodhi by the last Sayyid. Bahlul Lodhi became the first Sultan of the Lodhi dynasty.

1489 Bahlul Lodhi died. His son Sikander Lodhi the next Sultan.


Mystics & Reformers 1400 1500:

 Kabir;   Nanak b. 1469;   Chaitanya b. 1485


AD 1500 - AD 1526

1517 Ibrahim Lodhi succeeded his father

1526 - Ibrahim Lodhi defeated and killed by Babar who ushered in the Mughal dynasty.







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