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 Richa Anirudh
Talk Show Host - IBN-7

Violence Against Women

Long, long before the much appreciated talk show Satyamev Jayate, hosted by Aamir Khan, had aired on Star India Network channel , another lesser known channel, on limited budgets, had already addressed many of the issues and concerns raised by Aamir Khan. IBN-7 channel has been airing Zindagi Live for five years now – a talk show hosted by the lesser known of the two, Richa Anirudh. The programme is now into its sixth season.  Zindagi Live in its past five seasons has addressed many women’s issues. SALT met up with Richa Anirudh and had the following conversation with her days after the horrific and brutal tragedy in Delhi.

What are your feelings about what happened in Delhi?

It should never have happened. Why do we take all this? India has become a very tolerant society. It has become so normal for women to be pinched, touched or teased. We don’t even object to it. Have we become a deaf society? It is a heinous crime which should not have happened at any cost.

What has made the entire country stand united against this particular tragic incident? Why has it taken us that long to make our voices heard? Why did we take it for so many decades or centuries?

I feel our background and our roots have a lot to do with it. In a society where people still do not want a girl child – foeticide and female infanticide are still a reality in our country. Some states and regions in the country have sex ratios as low as 830 girls to 1000 boys. Also, there is a huge difference between the upbringing of a male and a girl child. The male child often sees his mother being beaten up and abused by the father. What kind of upbringing is he getting?  A son is free to do what he wants but a girl child is taught to behave like a ‘girl.’ The do’s and don’ts are different for the two sexes. How many people think about their daughters’ careers instead of their marriages?  Dowry system and domestic violence still prevail. It is a vicious cycle – it has to stop somewhere.

But, thankfully, things are beginning to change. Social media is becoming a strong tool of change. Though television and newspapers have been covering events,  they have never been able to mobilise society to the extent social media has done. Facebook, Twitter and text messages have been powerful tools. We are getting more and more aware as a result.

What has happened in Delhi is too brutal. However, I do feel that the coverage and public support the tragic incident has received is because it happened in the capital city. Had it happened elsewhere in the country, I would have my doubts about the public outcry. Would the country stand so united had it been another city? Would this issue have been so highlighted had it not been Delhi? Slightly doubtful but I am happy at the public response, especially from the young University-going youth. It is a very good sign. I am optimistic about the future.

 About Richa Anirudh

Richa, originally from Bundelkhand, grew up in Jhansi and moved to Delhi after the birth of her daughter in 2000. Having worked for Doordarshan and Zee channels, and also with Pandit Ravi Shankar for a year, she joined IBN-7 in 2005 and has been with them since – as a host on Zindagi Live – a talk show that focuses on real issues people face in our society. She has also been invited to offer ‘Expert Advice’ on the very popular programme Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) hosted by one of India’s beloved stars – Amitabh Bachchan.


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