JULY 2001- Contents

Indo-Pak Focus
50Year Photo Retrospective

The 'People' Effort

Agra Summit- the happier moments

Begum Sehba Musharraf's time in India

Cuisine Diplomacy

Open Letter to the General and the PM

Indo-Pak Reconciliation School

Kiran Bedi's screen debut 

Fashion & Lifestyle
By the Young, for the Young' 

Fashion Graduates - India

Pakistan School of Fashion Design

Adopting Historic sites

Benoy Behl- documenting
India's ancient art

Preventive Medicine - How it

Aamir Khan - an interview

Adnan Sami

'United for Gujarat' - the first South Asian concert'

Travel & Adventure
Dr. Kamal Vilku -India's first lady in Antarctica

Speaking Stones - Heritage
Sites in India


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Agra Summit - the happier, human moments

14 July - 16 July 2001


arr-plane_door_opens-AP.jpg (19425 bytes)

General Musharraf and Begum Musharraf ready to alight at Palam airport in Delhi. The first door opens!


mush_and_sehba_disembark-AP.jpg (15611 bytes)

The first picture on Indian soil.
mush_and_sehba_rcvd_by_pres_and_wife-AP.jpg (28035 bytes)

Being greeted by President Narayanan and First lady Usha Narayanan at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi

first_families-AFP.jpg (29204 bytes)

The First Couples of India and Pakistan


Pres_Musharraf_PM_Vajpayee_Pres_Narayanan-14_july_2001.jpg (12045 bytes)

The First Handshake- with PM Vajpayee


mush_and_VP_krishan_kant-PTI.jpg (23539 bytes)
Later in the morning, the General met important leaders and Ministers. With Vice President Krishan Kant

mush_and_sonia_14_july-AFP.jpg (30500 bytes)
Meeting the Leader of Opposition - Sonia Gandhi.

mush_talking_to_sonia-Reuters.jpg (32007 bytes)
A brief chat with Sonia Gandhi.



mush_and_vaj_at_taj_hotel_14_july-AFP.jpg (26477 bytes)
Arriving at the Luncheon hosted by PM Vajpayee at the Taj Palace Hotel. 150 guests were invited to a gastronomic extravaganza prepared by chef Hemant Oberoi.


Musharraf_and_anaro_devi_aka_kashmira_14_july_2001_PTI.jpg (33087 bytes)
Post-lunch emotional visit to the house where he spent his early years. Warm welcome by Kashmira - who remembered him from his childhood.


mush_enjoying__a_laugh_rec_by_qazi-PTI.jpg (32405 bytes)
At the reception hosted by Pakistan's High Commissioner Ashraf Qazi.


pres_and_usha_narayan_pres_mush_and_sehba_banquet_at_pres_14_july-AFP.jpg (44025 bytes)
The President of India hosted a Banquet that night in honour of the visiting couple.

Pres_narayanan_toasting_with_sehba-PTI.jpg (26342 bytes)
A toast to Friendship - President Narayanan and Begum Sehba Musharraf.

atal_and_sehba_toasting_14_july2001.jpg (37938 bytes)
A toast to Peace - PM Vajpayee and Begum Sehba Musharraf at the State banquet.


musharraf_and_sushma_swaraj_min_IB_at_rashtrapati_bhavan_-AFP-14_july.jpg (38685 bytes)
Minister of Information and Broadcasting Sushma Swaraj greeting the General with an 'Adaab'

mush_and_sehba_at_pres_banquet_with_dilip_and_saira-PTI.jpg (31481 bytes)
With the 'First Bollywood couple' - Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu.

mush_addressing_banquet-PTI.jpg (31973 bytes)
President Musharraf addressing the guests at the Banquet


15 July 2001 - Agra  

mush_and_sehba_at_taj_15_july-PTI-PP_Sarkar.jpg (26940 bytes)
Picture perfect! General Musharraf and wife at the Taj.

sehba_and_vajpayeebefore_dinner_15_july-PTI-prabhat_pandey.jpg (22318 bytes)
Begum Sehba Musharraf being led by PM Vajpayee to dinner hosted by the CM Uttar Pradesh.





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