JULY 2001- Contents

Indo-Pak Focus
50Year Photo Retrospective

The 'People' Effort

Agra Summit- the happier moments

Begum Sehba Musharraf's time in India

Cuisine Diplomacy

Open Letter to the General and the PM

Indo-Pak Reconciliation School

Kiran Bedi's screen debut 

Fashion & Lifestyle
By the Young, for the Young' 

Fashion Graduates - India

Pakistan School of Fashion Design

Adopting Historic sites

Benoy Behl- documenting
India's ancient art

Preventive Medicine - How it

Aamir Khan - an interview

Adnan Sami

'United for Gujarat' - the first South Asian concert'

Travel & Adventure
Dr. Kamal Vilku -India's first lady in Antarctica

Speaking Stones - Heritage
Sites in India


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People to People

"We want peace'

Pak_national_arrives_Delhi_from_lahore_mar_16_1999-kamal_jeet_Singh.jpg (26453 bytes)


Writers, poets, industrialists -  one voice

 Indo-pak_seminar_March1976_delhi-Chairman_TOI_group_S_P_Jain-_Poet_Sardar_jafri-Edu_Min_Prof_Nurul_hassan.jpg (80101 bytes) Indo-Pak_smnr_Sanjay_Dalmaia-SJP_LeaderChandrashekhar-pak_Dorab_Patel_Nov_21_1991_UNI.jpg (93134 bytes)
L-R: Indo-Pak seminar in Delhi 1976-Chairman TOI Group S P Jain, Poet Sardar Jaffri,Prof Nurul Hassan;Indo-Pak seminar 1991-Sanjay Dalmia, Chandrashekhar, Dorab Patel (Pakistan)


  pak_students_in_lucknow-july_11_2001-PTI.jpg (49615 bytes) pak_students_hold_indian_flag_meet_students_in_lucknow_july_12_2001-AP.jpg (20492 bytes)
Pakistani students being welcomed in Lucknow; a Pakistani student holds Indian flag - a warm gesture of goodwill - 12 July 2001

Kitchen Politics

Pak_chefs_in_India.jpg (12849 bytes)

Pakistani chefs in Maurya Sheraton Hotel, Delhi - bringing the nostalgia of Lahori cuisine to Delhi

Peace Rallies

Peace_Rally_delhi-wagah_aug_14_2000-TOI.jpg (126337 bytes) Peace_rally_ibad_july_12_2001-AFP-Saeed_khan.jpg (51249 bytes)
L-R: Peace Rally Delhi-Wagah Aug 2000; Peace Rally Islamabad 12 July 2001

On the Cricket field

old_traff-bhai_on_shoulders_of_fan.jpg (33039 bytes)

Six year old Nirbhay from India watching the jubilation of Pakistan win at Old Trafford (June 2001) - on the shoulders of a Pakistani fan.





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