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Indo-Pak Focus
50Year Photo Retrospective

The 'People' Effort

Agra Summit- the happier moments

Begum Sehba Musharraf's time in India

Cuisine Diplomacy

Open Letter to the General and the PM

Indo-Pak Reconciliation School

Kiran Bedi's screen debut 

Fashion & Lifestyle
By the Young, for the Young' 

Fashion Graduates - India

Pakistan School of Fashion Design

Adopting Historic sites

Benoy Behl- documenting
India's ancient art

Preventive Medicine - How it

Aamir Khan - an interview

Adnan Sami

'United for Gujarat' - the first South Asian concert'

Travel & Adventure
Dr. Kamal Vilku -India's first lady in Antarctica

Speaking Stones - Heritage
Sites in India


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Pres Ayub PM Shastri - Tashkent Jan 1966.jpg (7982 bytes)

Indo-Pak Saga

Fifty years of Political Efforts

A Photo Feature




Delhi_Mar_10_1983-_FMs_yaqub_Khan_Narasimha_Rao.jpg (54975 bytes) Pres_Zail_Singh_Gen_Zia_new_Delhi_Nov_1_1982.jpg (103393 bytes) Khan_Abdul_Ghaffar_khan-PMRajiv_Delhi_airportdec_26_1985_PIB_Photo.jpg (24367 bytes) Rajiv_FM_Sahabzad_Yaqub_Khan_Delhi_July_25_1989_PTI_Photo.jpg (74750 bytes)
L-R: Foreign Ministers Yaqub Khan and Narasimha Rao, Gen Zia and PM Gandhi, Delhi 1983;President Zail Singh and President Zia; PM Rajiv Gandhi welcoming Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan at Delhi airport 1985;PM Rajiv Gandhi with Pakistan's FM Sahabzada Yaqub Khan, Delhi 1989

PM_Rajiv_PM_benazir_Ibad_airport_july_16_1989.jpg (77528 bytes)
PM Benazir Bhutto welcoming PM Rajiv Gandhi at Islamabad airport,1989

Rajiv_benazir_SAARC_Summit_Ibad_Dec_31_1989_UNI_Photo.jpg (53171 bytes) Rajiv_Benazir_Sonia_Asis_zardari_Ibad_July_1989_PTI.jpg (99726 bytes)
L-R: At the SAARC Summit in Islamabad -Rajiv and Benazir; at a State dinner - Sonia Gandhi, Asif Zardari, Rajiv Gandhi and Benazir Bhutto, 1989



PPP_leader_benazir_BJP_leadres_Advani_Vajpayee_delhi_may_25_1991_PTI.jpg (45543 bytes) EAMin_IK_Gujral_FM_Sahabzada_Yaqub_Khan_Delhi_Dec_18_1996-PTI.jpg (61983 bytes) Frgn_Scy_Dubey_FSy_Shahrayar_Khan_share_joke_Delhi_Oct_30_1991.jpg (92056 bytes) FSy_Shahrayar_Khan_JN_Dixit_no_to_chem_warfare_Delhi_Aug_19_1992-PIB.jpg (85517 bytes)
L-R:PPP Leader Benazir Bhutto with BJP Leaders Advani and Vajpayee in Delhi 1991; Foreign Ministers Sahabzada Yaqub and IK Gujral in Delhi 1996;Foreign Secretaries Dubey and Shahrayar Khan share a joke; Shahrayar Khan and Dixit - signing 'No to Chemical Warfare'-Delhi 1992

Vajpayee_steps_down_bus_Wagah_Feb_20_1999-PIB.jpg (21258 bytes) Vajpayee_rcvd_bt_Sharif_Wagah_feb_20_1999-PTI.jpg (48571 bytes) Vajpayee_Sharif_dev_Anand_Jaswant_Singh_parkash_Singh_badal_wagah-PIB.jpg (23621 bytes) Vajpayee_Sharif_Guests_Gov_House_Lahoe_feb_22_1999-PTI.jpg (24226 bytes)
The Bus Diplomacy 1999-L to R: PM Vajpayee alighting at Wagah ; PM Nawaz Sharif receiving PM Vajpayee; The Indian 'bus passengers' at Wagah; Vajpayee and Sharif with guests at a Reception in Lahore.


The Millennium Effort


  pres_and_usha_Narayanan_greet_musharraf_and_sehba_14_july-PTI.jpg (35446 bytes) mush_inspecting_guard_of_honour_PTI.jpg (27709 bytes) mush_and_PM-face_to_face-AFP.jpg (20870 bytes) Vajoayee_and_mush_shake_hand_before_talks_15_july-PTI_Prabhat_kumar_Pandey.jpg (50893 bytes)
L-R: President and Begum Musharraf greeted by President and First lady Usha Narayanan; President Musharraf inspecting the Guard of Honour at Rashtrapati Bhavan;Vajpayee and Musharraf face-to-face before the Talks; the all-important handshake between the two leaders.





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