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Editor's Note

Inspiring stories do not have to be region specific. The quest for scientific exploration and knowledge, and its diligent perseverance, has inspired people worldwide. One such contemporary story of our times is space exploration. The 1960s saw the first footfall on our Moon, then came the Space Lab – and next big headline will almost certainly be the red planet – Mars. An exploration mission that first began with fly-bys, and then landed a couple of rovers that survived almost six years on the surface of Mars, moving around slowly and
capturing breath-taking images and sending them to Earth, is moving one big step ahead on November 25, 2011 – the day NASA plans to launch its largest and most advanced rover yet to Mars. It is aptly called Curiosity. The big question in the past was – is there water on Mars? We know now – Yes, there is water on Mars - in some form. Curiosity will try and answer the questions that now lie ahead. It will reach Mars sometime in August 2012 and get to work immediately. We have brought you a dedicated feature on NASA’s Mars exploration programme so far.

World Tourism Day is celebrated each year on September 27 – for the world to appreciate cultures elsewhere. In keeping with the spirit of WTD, we have brought you images from New Mexico – a place of traditional and emerging cultures. The Native American population of the state lives in the 19 Pueblos scattered throughout the state. We focused on the Taos Pueblo – an architectural marvel – where people still love to live, in a large community, without electricity and running water. Not far from Taos is another town –
Los Alamos – known as ‘The Atomic City’ – where Oppenheimer led a group scientists to make the world’s first atomic bomb. There is interesting trivia on the city and more.

India and Indian cricket lost one of its most successful captains ever. Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, or ‘Tiger’ – as he was affectionately known – passed on – in Delhi on September 22. We remember him.

The big sport story for India is its first Grand Prix in October this year at the Buddh International Circuit in Delhi. Formula 1 has arrived.

Siachen - is now a household word. Everybody knows of it – and most want to know the WHYs of Siachen. Many feel it should be converted to a ‘Peace Park’ – in fact it would not be a bad idea to convert the entire world into a ‘Peace Park’. We have stunning images of this hostile terrain where our brave soldiers guard our

On this peaceful note, I would like to wish all our readers a very happy festive season and a wonderful and
a safe 2012.

Roopa Bakshi




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