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SALT in conversation with Adrian and Paul

September 2011

Force India Drivers Paul and Adrian

The first Indian Grand Prix is a historic event. What does it mean to you to be racing for Force India in Delhi this October?

Adrian: Itís a big moment for the team. Iíve been here since day one and I will be very proud to be driving for the first Indian team in the first Indian Grand Prix.

Paul: Like everyone in the team Iím excited about this race. Itís a new territory for Formula One and will do a great deal to help increase the popularity of the sport in India.

Will the weather be an issue? Will it require a different strategy?

Adrian: It will be quite pleasant I think. We miss the end of the monsoon and temperatures should be warm, but not too hot.

Paul: Itís hard to know what to expect until we get there. Iíve been to India before, but not to Delhi, and not in October. Itís a new track to learn, which is always exciting for a driver, but until we get there and drive it we wonít really know about the characteristics and how the race strategies will unfold.

What are your expectations from this race?

Adrian: Of course we have high expectations from our fans in India, but we have to be realistic, too. The car has improved a lot this season. We can run consistently in the top ten and score points. So repeating that form has to be the first target. We would love to fight for a podium, but we will probably need a little bit of luck for that to happen.

Paul: It will be a memorable day for India, a new culture for Formula One, and a historic moment. Hopefully we can make it a special day for Force India by getting a great result and give the fans something to celebrate.

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